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Over 350 Whiskies in our Exclusive Snug Bar

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Immerse yourself in Whisky Heritage, The Doctors' Surgery, Now The Tannochbrae Whisky Bar with more than 350 drams...

Our historic Doctor’s property shares a unique connection to whisky lore,  with the medicinal origins of the beloved Monkey Shoulder name.

Immerse yourself in the world of whisky with our exclusive whisky snug bar, where James will host, providing recommendations if needed, and organising tastings as desired.  

Dufftown, located in the heart of Scotland’s Speyside region, is known for its rich whisky heritage, being home to several distilleries including Glenfiddich and Balvenie. Monkey Shoulder was developed by William Grant & Sons, whose distilleries are in the vicinity

The name “Monkey Shoulder” originates from a condition that maltmen (the people who turned the barley by hand) used to suffer from after long shifts of manual labor in the maltings. The repetitive motion of turning the barley caused a strain injury, which made one arm hang down a bit like a monkey’s. As whisky lore has it the term “Monkey Shoulder” was coined by the local Doctor in Tannochbrae, to describe this condition.

Monkey Shoulder, the whisky brand, pays homage to these maltmen and their dedication to the traditional whisky-making process.

Exclusive whisky snug bar situated in The Tannochbrae, once the doctors consulting rooms and associated forever more to whisky lore as a result.

James Creane-Smith